Since June 2017 we’ve stepped up our game and hired our coordinator Tessa to cover all the jobs we can’t manage ourselves as volunteers. This has seen a huge increase in our ability to fix up bikes to a much better standard and increase the turnaround significantly. A team of volunteers are guided every week through hoards of bikes to fix by our trusty coordinator.

Tessa keeps ReBicycle going

We’re truly very lucky to have her. To give you an idea of what she does, in a typical week she coordinates and collects bikes from our many drop off locations, she responds to numerous emails, messages and inquiries, and updates our database with all the donated bikes and all the client requests. Occasionally she deals with international media requests, and frequently she goes above and beyond to get bikes to people in need. Most importantly, she coordinates the weekly fix up, where all those donated bikes are checked and repaired by volunteers.

Here’s the plan: subscriptions and a generous matching donation

We need just shy of $1000 a month to pay Tessa and cover her expenses. Or about 30 people contributing $30 each month. We’d like to become more sustainable and not rely on funding or grants from other sources. And we think there are enough people out there who see the value in what we do. So we’ve set up our whānau – our family of special people who pledge to make a regular donation. This will enable us to continue to do the work we do best – which is fixing and rehoming bikes.

But wait, there’s more…

We have a special member of our whānau, who has pledged to donate $300 every month if we can find ten other people who will each donate $30 per month. It’s the best kind of two-for-one offer we’ve ever seen! Thanks to this amazing offer we have our first ten donors committed. Now we need ten more. The need for our services has only grown because of the current Covid crisis, with many families struggling to find new sources of income and ways to get around cheaper. We need you now, more than ever!

Will you become part of the whānau?

We’ve kept it simple so you have complete control over your donations. Just set up an automatic payment from your account to ours, once a month, for around $30* (or more if you like!). Email us with your details when you start, and we will email you a receipt at the end of each tax year. If you need to take a break, let us know and we’ll find someone to step up and take your place. Easy, right?

Here’s the details:

Account number: 38-9018-0109320-00
Reference: whanau/family

*$30 per month is the suggestion, but we will obviously gratefully accept anything you can spare. And you can of course set up weekly payments of $7 or fortnightly payments of $14 – or more if you like!

Please email (our donations email – not our everyday email) with your details so we can send you a receipt. We are a registered charity.