ReBicycle works because of our many volunteers. We’ve only been going a very short time, but already have a team of amazing, clever, skilled and passionate people who contribute what they can. This is the way we roll.

We’re working with some amazing organisations such as Mechanical Tempest and Pedal Ready who can help you learn basic bike mechanics while working on bikes, or can train you up to be a cycle skills instructor so you can help teach others how to ride safely.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”
Sherry Anderson

If you have time, energy or passion for getting people on bikes, give us a shout. Specifically, we’re looking for people who can:

  • fix up bikes (either a little or a lot)
  • clean bikes or do basics like attach reflectors or bells
  • collect or drop off bikes (around Wellington and the Hutt mainly)
  • do a bit of admin and get packages ready to go out to families
  • liaise with community groups and organisations to get bikes to those in need
  • do marketing, comms or fundraising
  • bake cake or make coffee!