We welcome donations of:

  • decent quality used bikes, especially kids bikes*
  • excellent quality/unused helmets (no old or damaged helmets please)
  • locks (with key or combination!)
  • lights
  • toolkits
  • bike pumps
  • accessories (such as pannier racks or bags, training wheels, reflective gear, etc)
  • kids ride-on toys (runner bikes, trikes and scooters)
  • and other bike parts
Check out our handy drop off locations, or contact us.

Funding and donations:

If you’d like to help with a cash donation, you can donate to ReBicycle directly into our bank account:

Account number: 38-9018-0109320-00

Please email ReBicycleWgtn@gmail.com with your details if you would like a receipt. We are a registered charity.

Or you can visit our GiveaLittle page (but keep in mind some of your donation will go to covering their fees and it can take up to 50 days to process payments).

Your donation will help to complete the bike ‘package’ with much needed extras to keep our recipients riding safely on well-maintained bikes.

  • $5 gets someone back on the road with a puncture kit in hand
  • $15 provides a family with a bike pump, or bike lock
  • $30 provides someone with an hours ‘learn to ride’ session with a trained cycle skills instructor
  • $45 gives a family a start up package of: bike pump, lock, and some basic tools
  • $75 helps us restock our supplies of brake pads, cables and other bikey bits (that’s the technical term, right?)
  • $100 gives a family all the extras they need, including a learn to ride lesson for their little ones or extra locks for the kids or a set of lights
  • Or $100 could bring back a bike from the brink of landfill doom with much love from a professional mechanic
  • $360 and you join our whānau – this gets an entire family on professionally repaired bikes with all the extras (locks, lights, pump, tools, helmets) or helps cover our coordinators time and expenses.

We aim to cover running costs through grants, sponsorship and funding or volunteer-power where possible, meaning your donations can go straight back to the people and whanau we support. However, when needed, your donation may be used to cover other expenses (operating costs such as petrol, storage, insurance, coordinator/mechanics time when needed, etc). Please tell us if you would like your donation spent on anything specific.

Also please email us with details of your donation if you’d like a receipt for tax purposes.
* We occasionally sell donated bikes to raise funds for parts and to cover other costs. Particularly if the bike is “retro” (these are quite popular amongst Wellington hipsters but can be very time consuming and expensive for us to fix) or an excellent condition sports bike (road bikes with drop handlebars or full suspension mountain bikes). Please contact us if you have any questions about this.