In 2022 we received two grants to pilot a programme which could make e-bikes and e-scooters more accessible to people on low incomes. We know these devices can help people save money on transport costs, while offering a healthy, quick and convenient door-to-door option. But in many communities the cost of purchasing an ebike is still seen as a luxury not as a potential car replacement.

The Wheel Change project is loosely a pay-as-you-ride* scheme. We purchase good quality new and used e-bikes and e-scooters which will suit the people who sign up. They test ride for a month, then if they want to continue, they pay these off at a rate they can afford, with no hidden fees or interest.

Participants are selected through our partners. We are currently confirming these, but feel free to enquire. We’re looking for people keen to give it a go and tell others about it. Evaluation is an important part of the pilot.

*The model we are using in Porirua will look different to this.

Making e-bikes accessible to everyone.

Wellington City Council funded us for 10 bikes through their Climate and Sustainability Fund.

Waka Kotahi funded us for 25 electric bikes and scooters across the region, working with Free Ride in the Hutt and Motuhenga in Porirua, through the Innovation Fund Hoe Ki Angitu.

As these projects are both pilots, our focus is on finding a model that could work more widely. We’re trying different approaches in different areas, supporting our local partners to find something that actually helps make ‘wheel change’.

Email our project lead, Rich Hovey, for more info. Email: