As part of our mission to make bikes more accessible to people – all people who want to ride – we’ve got a library of bikes for people to loan, so they can see if it’s the right bike for them. These long term trials are a great way of helping remove doubt for those who may need a more expensive bike than we can help them with.

As part of the Wellington City Council Climate and Sustainability Fund we received a grant to help make e-cargobikes more accessible to more people. The first part of this project is having cargobikes for families to lend to see if they suit their lifestyle*.

One is a tern GSD in “tabasco” 🌶️ (known as Sumo) 🍊.
The other is a Yuba Spicy Curry 🌶️, also in orange 🍊 (and called Clementine). Both come with locks and a number of child seating configurations.

We also have an electric trike, suitable for an adult or older child who may need more support with balance.

And a non-electric/acoustic recumbent bike, ideal for people with back issues or dysautonomia.

For more info, or to book your loan, email

* Warning: once you try one we’re fairly sure you’ll want one so start saving!

Thanks to Bicycle Junction for providing free maintenance for this programme.
Also to Switched on Bikes for providing us with GPS trackers.