ReBicycle EkeRua is fundraising on behalf of a group of schools and community centres in the Eastern suburbs for a portable pump track.

What is it?

Pump tracks are a great way for kids of all ages to have a fun, safe, yet challenging activity, that encourages both physical and mental wellbeing. The portable pump track supplied by ParkLife is a modular system that can be removed and relocated. It can be placed on a school court or field, making it ideal for schools with limited outdoor areas.

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What do we need?pump-fund2

We have already secured $10000 funding from Wellington Community Trust, $10000 from Wellington City Council, and $2000 from another donor.

We still need $10000 for a set of bikes, scooters and helmets (stage 2) and $20000 for a trailer to store and transport the equipment (stage 3).

You can donate via our Give a Little campaign.

Why it is important?

Wellington has around 12 Bikes in Schools tracks, however these require more space than the participating schools have available or significant fundraising (cost over $80000 per school). Our Bike KREW Rodeo is currently the only free activity available, but has limited capacity (e.g. fine weather, supervised use) and only a dozen small bikes.
Promoting cycling and scootering as a ‘cool’ way to get around for people living in the flattest suburbs of our city will help to alleviate transport poverty, improve physical and mental health (both for individuals and those benefiting from less air pollution) and reduce carbon emissions. It will allow tamariki to build their confidence and skills on two wheels and encourage schools to participate in cycle skills training. As well as being a resource schools can use during class time to help build student resilience, improve concentration and develop motor skills, it will be a feature the young people in the community can get together around at other times – a safe place to socialise.
It will be entirely free and accessible at all hours to use and be moved around the suburbs every few months so the novelty remains.

Who are we?

ReBicycle EkeRua was formed out of a need shown by our community for more options for cheap and active transport, particularly for former refugees and people on low incomes. All our bikes are donated by people in Wellington (over 1250 at last count) and are fixed up by volunteers in our community workshop shared with Mechanical Tempest. We receive over $600 per month in regular donations from our community to fund our coordinator and have successfully crowdfunded and fundraised in the past to put together our incredibly popular bike rodeo which has been invited to schools and events around the region. Our free bike rodeo events have been accessed by thousands of children over the past three years.
This project has been conceived in collaboration with the schools and community it is for.