bike-krew2_artboard-5-rodeoWhat is the Bike KREW* Rodeo?

It’s a bike obstacle course, designed to test skills, entertain and challenge riders. The concept and name come from the US, but we’ve made it our own, along with some no. 8  wire – but don’t worry, it has been thoroughly tested by the ‘big kids’ to keep your kids safe**! Keeping in theme it is loaded into a horse float, along with our fleet of library bikes and helmets, to get kids riding everywhere in Wellington.

Hilleke explains:

The Bike KREW Rodeo is a pet project of mine. I’ve been wanting to create something similar to the Bikes in Schools skills tracks – but mobile – for those schools who do not have the space or funding to build their own track. Often after learning cycle skills at school, the kids won’t have an opportunity to ride again for months, if not years. The Bike Rodeo is about creating more opportunities for kids to ride bikes, and to challenge themselves, mentally and physically, learning to take risks in a safe environment, all while building confidence, skills and fitness.

Thank you!

The Bike KREW Rodeo has been supported by the Wellington City Council Communities on Bikes fund, a private donation and Give a Little supporters. Without them, the world would be a lot less awesome!

How do I get in on the action?

Initially the Bike KREW Rodeo will be used at community events – watch our events listings (over there on the left, or below on your mobile). Soon it will also be available for private hire and school bookings. It always comes with first aid certified, police checked, trained cycle skills instructors. We hope to cover school hire through koha and grants. Private hire will incur a cost to cover travel, maintenance, and instructors time.

Contact us to learn more.


* KREW: Kids Riding Everywhere in Wellington

** We do expect the odd scrapped knee and bruised ego. The idea is that kids can push themselves to go bigger, faster, better. That entails that they will occasionally fall. But we’re all first aid trained and have plenty of band aids, magic water and jelly beans in stock to help kids (or adults) feel better, so they can hop back on their bikes ASAP.