Kaupapa Principles

Kotahitanga Unity

Whanaungatanga Relationships

Taha Tinana Physical well-being and environments

Manaakitanga Enhancement


EkeRua ReBicycle: our Te Reo name was given to us by Vincent Olsen-Reeder. In his words, “Eke is the general word given to ‘riding’ modes of transport. This covers all public transport, surfing, skating and cycling. In a sense, eke also means to achieve and overcome. This derivation comes from the word hangarua, recycling, which means to ‘purpose twice.’ Thus the name means to jump on a bike again.”

Kotahitanga Unity: This is developing and maintaining a unity of purpose and direction and avoiding approaches and decisions that lead to division and disharmony. Everyone is encouraged to make their contribution, to have their say.*

He waka eke noa. A canoe which we are all in with no exception.

Whanaungatanga Relationships: People are taonga (treasures). Whanaungatanga is about being part of a larger whole, of the collective. Whanaungatanga is about knowing you are not alone, but that you have a wider set of acquaintances that provide support, assistance, nurturing, guidance and direction when needed.

He kura tangata – He kura whānau. A person educated is a community educated.

Taha Tinana Physical well-being and environments: A two-pronged principle which firstly deals with one’s own physical well-being, for example, healthy food and drink, exercise, rest/sleep. The second is about respecting the environments we all interact in, ensuring these are safe and hygienic, and most of all, resources are managed appropriately to support the principle of kaitiakitanga or resource sustainability.

Tohua ngā whakatipuranga ki te inu i te puna o te mātauranga. Kia hora ai te whakaruruhau o te ora, ki runga ki te iwi. Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui. Show the young how to drink from the spring of knowledge. So the sheltering mantle of well being may spread over the nation. Be strong, be courageous, be resolute.

Manaakitanga Enhancement: Manaaki is about acknowledging the reputation or status of another or others. It is about looking for the best in a person, and finding opportunities to acknowledge that person in all different ways.

Kāore te kumara e kōrero ki tōna ake reka. It is not for the kumara to speak about how sweet it is. Instead it is others who sing your praises.

*Credit for definitions to Ako Aotearoa