EkeRua ReBicycle is a registered Charitable Trust. You can find our details, names of Trustees and a link to our Trust documents on the Charities website.

Read more about our trust in our first published review: EkeRuaReBicycle 2016-2022. It spans our entire existence, from 2016 to 2022. However it only captures a small sample of the stories we could share with you.

Our Trustees all have a long history of supporting causes in Wellington which encourage and enable more people to get on bikes, for whatever reason works for them. We’re on the board of Frocks on Bikes Aotearoa and the Cycle Wellington Committee. Together we hope to make it easier for people with limited resources to have that same opportunity to ride a bike.

You can donate to ReBicycle via our Give a Little page, or directly into our bank account:
Account number: 38-9018-0109320-00
Please email ReBicycleWgtn@gmail.com with your details if you would like a receipt.

Charity Details

Legal name of the Charity:  ReBicycle Charitable Trust

Other Name (inc Trading Name):  EkeRua ReBicycle (Wellington)

Registration number:  CC54063

Our main purpose is: To enable more people to have access to bicycles for recreation, transport or health purposes.


  • The charitable objects and purposes of the Trust ( The Trust Purposes) are as follows:
    • Enable more people to have access to bicycles for transport, recreation or health purposes, particularly:
      • those who currently have limited or low income
      • women, children and young families
      • those who have health issues (including mental health)
      • refugees and other under-represented groups
    • Improve the experience of people walking and cycling by providing:
      • Access to education, training and support
      • Advocating for better infrastructure and facilities
      • Creating a supportive and encouraging culture for cycling through events and campaigns
    • Help inform urban planning and transport policy so it becomes more amenable to everyday cycling. Provide services which enable the public to become more actively involved in decisionmaking that affects how they move around and enjoy their neighbourhood or public spaces
    • Provide a consultancy service to organisations requiring assistance in policy development, behaviour change programmes or research to improve active mode share.
    • Support like-minded organisations who advocate for more sustainable, healthy, connected, environmentally friendly and resilient communities.