One of the first deliveries ReBicycle EkeRua made to celebrate its reopening from the national lockdown was also one of the largest ever made to one family.

Six members  of one family – Myint Khing, Htoo Lwee, Phyin Eit Eit, Ngae Ngae,  Khing Lay Hytoo and Lwee Myint Htoo – were given a free, reconditioned, recycled bike. 

The smiling family (pictured), who live in Porirua, came as refugees from Myanmar to Aotearoa five years ago. 

 “This is what ReBicycle EkeRua is all about – helping families improve their lives, get out on bikes, and have fun,” ReBicycle EkeRua co-ordinator Tessa Coppard said.

“The lockdown has taught everyone the importance of biking for multiple reasons – fun, family time, exercise, health and transport. “

Myint Khing said the family would use the bikes for recreation, visiting relatives and friends, and going to school. 

ReBicycle EkeRua reopened its workshop for fixing donated bikes with the move to Level 2 under restrictions and with a strict safety plan.

Tessa says that with a good prospect of Aotearoa moving to Level 1 soon, the workshop will hopefully again be open to all-comers. 

“It’s great we are already back to renovating bikes and getting them out to families who need them, so they can enjoy the same kind of fun many of us have had during the lockdown.”